Jenny Greco is a jewelry designer based in Toronto. Jenny Greco's pieces combine the beauty of precious metals and specially selected woods. Influenced by elements of ancient and modern architecture, Jenny creates timeless and elegant pieces that are both skillfully crafted and unique.

Graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design (O.C.A.D.), Jenny has been working as a full time jeweler for the past five years. She has participated in numerous exhibitions and her work has been featured in MAGazine, Niche, Canadian Gardening and she is also the recipient of the “Jewelry Arts Award” in the Lapidary Journal. Conceptually her unique work is inspired not only by architecture, but by nature as well. She combines organic elements such as wood and stone with industrial materials and precious metals where she strives to find balance and harmony with these elements. Her techniques and choice of materials make Jenny Greco jewelry... Art for the Body.